TOP 3 Instant Style Accessories For Ladies On The Go

As an entrepreneur and mum of 4 year old busy boy, I can find myself exhausted and a little time-poor. I tend to neglect the things that bring me joy like expressing myself through my personal style. Add a severely cut-down wardrobe on top of that with my ever-growing bump, and it leaves me feeling not quite my best self.

Most days, if I don’t stay in my pj’s, I just end up chucking on whatever is the most comfy, which isn’t always what you’d call stylish. But I’ve found my Top 3 accessories that always get me feeling jazzed no matter what. And the best part - I can still wear them even when I’m 9 months round and about to pop.


1. Earrings


Well you knew it was coming….I mean how could I not? Necklaces are great too, but there is just something about earrings that gets me all fired up and ready for action. I just feel super fancy wearing them, and I pick a pair to suit my mood at the time.

I can literally put them with any outfit and completely change the whole feel of it, going from basics to funky just like that [snaps]. There have been many times that I have had to do a quick outfit boost to go from photoshoot to dinner on the fly, and earrings are most definitely my first go to.

*Note: These babies pictured here are COMING SOON, and will be released in SEPTEMBER 19!

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2. Lipstick


Ok, so lipstick can be one of the most transformative accessories out there, especially if you go for a bold lip. At times I have even just put lipstick on without any other makeup. Who doesn’t love a good red? Or burgundy for that matter? It’s certainly tops my list of favourite shades in winter.

Next time you need a to snaz-up that day look, go for a bold lip for sure. And the best thing? You can keep it in your handbag to whip out at any moment. And for that matter, so are earrings. I like to keep my earrings separate from my handbag detritus by putting them in a cute little pencil case [mine is covered in glitter].


3. Shoes


Last but not least, who doesn’t love a good shoe? You can turn your jeans [maternity in my case] from day time casual to night time sleek with the right pair of shoes. Now I don’t have a huge collection of shoes, but I feel the small selection of styles at my disposal cover me for style and comfort while giving me the variety I need to transform my outfit.

When you put all three of these accessories together, they can be transformative on both your style game and on your confidence and general good feels. They are quick, easy to put on, and most of all you can get creative with the combination.

Tahlee x