My Queen Bey Moment

Many of you have already seen this on Instagram, but baby Woodland 2.0 will be arriving at the end of September this year!! (possibly October, as our son Logan was a late arrival)

As ever, we had to do our announcement in true Woodland family style; epic and styled to the teeth. So what better way to celebrate motherhood and being female than appropriating Beyonce’s famous Grammy’s performance of 2017? We just couldn’t help ourselves.

Now, my husband Reece, who is not a beader nor has ever been convinced by Tahlee doe-eyes to help me bead my earrings, actually made this stunning beaded headdress from scratch. I mean….common ladies, pretty impressive right!? Unfortunately first trimester hit me pretty hard, so I wasn’t able to lend a hand in the set up or creation of this entire shoot. Thanks Reece, you definitely made me feel like a Queen for this announcement.

Ps. how fricken cute is Logan?

Scroll down to see our excited shot.